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Marcos Taps Real Estate CEO to Oversee New Philippines Economic Agency

The new agency is aimed at coordinating economic and investment policies and will be headed by Frederick Go, CEO of Robinsons Land Corp. Mr. Go stepped down from his position to fill this powerful governmental role.

In a strategic move to consolidate economic and investment policies, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has established the Office of the Special Assistant to the President for Investment and Economic Affairs. Tasked with advising the president on economic matters and identifying priority development programs, this new office will be led by Frederick Go, former CEO of Robinsons Land Corp.

The newly formed office is mandated to coordinate economic and investment and will advise President Marcos Jr. on economic issues and pinpoint priority development programs. In his capacity as head, Go will chair the Cabinet's economic development group, a role previously jointly held by Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno and National Economic and Development Authority head Arsenio Balisacan.

President Marcos Jr. is prioritizing efforts to attract investments aimed at boosting the domestic economy. His goal is for the Philippines' GDP to grow by 6% on average during his term. This move signifies a proactive approach by the Philippine government to streamline economic decision-making and attract investments. With a seasoned industry leader like Frederick Go at the helm, investors can anticipate a structured and strategic focus on economic development, infrastructure projects, and tax incentives.




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